Independent Study

Dear Franklin School Parents,
Students will be returning to school in-person on August 12, 2021! I’m so excited to begin the school year all together! The first day of school carries with it so much excitement; it also means new shoes and backpacks (my favorite!).
Franklin School is not offering Distance Learning for the 2021 -2022 school year.  If you are not comfortable sending your child to school for in-person learning, Independent Study is being offered through Pathways Charter Academy.  Please check out their website for information.  Pathways Academy would follow all requirements of Assembly Bill 130.  Once registered with Pathways Charter School, you will be dropped from Franklin School’s attendance and will become a student of Pathways Academy.  
If you are an Inter-District family that chooses to attend Pathways Charter Academy, please note that you will be dis-enrolled from Franklin School and would have to be put back on the waiting list to attend Franklin School.
I do not have the staff to provide Distance Learning through Franklin School, so I truly appreciate Sutter County Superintendent of Schools partnering with us to provide Independent Study to our families that wish to have their children remain home.
If you wish to enroll with Pathways Charter Academy please let the office know by August 4, 2021 and we will send over a referral form on your behalf.
Have a wonderful rest of the summer.
Mrs. Shelton