The Franklin Elementary School District provides a lunch and breakfast program for all K - 8th grade students. The lunch includes a selection of main entrees, a food bar with a variety of salad and fruit selections, and a choice of milk. Students who bring their own lunch can purchase milk for $.50. The following is information regarding the Franklin School food program.
• All meals served at Franklin School will comply with the nutrition standards established by the United States Department of Agriculture for the National School Lunch Program.
• Menus for a one month period are readily available to both students and parents. Menus will be posted on the back of the Monday Message and will be available in the school office. Menus can be reviewed on the Franklin School web site at
• The pricing for meals are the following:o All meals for students are free of charge due to the Universal Meal Program. White or Chocolate Milk= $ .50.
• Applications for free or reduced meals will be sent home to parents at the beginning of the school year. Even though meals are free to students, the information gleaned from the free and reduced lunch application helps provide funding for Franklin School. This
application also provides information to the After School Program in determining the tuition rate for families.

Please sign up for Free and Reduced meals at HERE.