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Franklin Board Of Trustees


School Board meetings are held on the
second Tuesday of each month at
5:30 PM in the Computer Lab (Room 21).

  Joseph Oates Chris Zunino Glenn Houston  
  Mr. Joseph Oates
Mr. Chris Zunino
Mr. Glenn Houston  
  Trustee President Trustee  
  AMurphy KONEAL  A California Distinguished School  
  Mr. Aaron Murphy Mr. Kyle O'Neal
  Trustee Clerk    
Franklin Board Information

Franklin Board Information

Board Members of the Franklin Elementary School District are volunteers elected by the registered voters of the Franklin District of Sutter County for four year terms. There are five members of the Board of Trustees who work together with the Superintendent/Principal to set policies and goals for Franklin Elementary.

Individual Board Members hold no power or authority as individuals. However, when voting as a group during public meetings, the Board is the ultimate authority that runs Franklin Elementary School . The Superintendent/Principal is hired by the Board and works for the Board to operate and manage Franklin Elementary on a day to day basis throughout the year.

The Superintendent/Principal reports to the Board of Trustees with recommendations for specific actions during monthly meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. The meeting agenda is posted at the front of Franklin Elementary each month, and on the school's website. The public is invited to attend Board Meetings and time is always set aside for individuals to briefly address the Board.

Parents, students, and residents of the District who have concerns about specific issues affecting the District should usually begin by bringing the matter to the attention of the Superintendent/Principal. Most problems or matters of concern can usually be handled by the Superintendent/Principal who has the most complete and up-to-date knowledge about teachers, personnel, curriculum, and other details regarding the operation of Franklin . When an issue comes up that needs further attention, the Board welcomes the public to mention it at a Board Meeting. Often, the Superintendent/Principal will bring controversial issues to the Board of Trustees for discussion and guidance.

Matters regarding employee salaries, personnel issues, contract negotiations, and student discipline are not handled during public meetings but are scheduled as closed sessions where the public is not permitted to attend.

All Board Members welcome community input and hope that more people will attend the monthly meetings.